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About Us

Fundraising is what we do. Our backgrounds in service, volunteerism, and philanthropy have prepared us to be in front of your donors and produce results. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for you – not only to meet, but exceed, your goals.

We Are Proudly Black, Woman, and Veteran Owned

TK, is a US Army Veteran, the first black woman auctioneer to earn the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist designation, and is an avid community volunteer.

We take diversity, volunteerism, and philanthropy seriously

Providing expert advice to all of our nonprofit partners is important to us. We believe in volunteering and making our communities better with our time and dollars.

We Have Raised Over $10,000,000 for Non Profits

Our BIPOC auctioneers are passionate about you and your cause. We learn your language and translate it to your donors.

Passion Persuades Purpose

We are on a mission to showcase your organization’s awesome! We are Auctioneers for the People, of the People. Are you looking for a team to create a compelling story during the Special Appeal bringing higher results than you anticipated? Look no further. We are the Special Appeal Masters.
Long before we became Fundraising Professionals, we were all heavily involved in our communities. Our team is made up of “Unexpected Auctioneers”, disrupting the perception of what an auctioneer is. Our stories are linked to multiple causes, making us your best advocates. ​As you learn more about the team, we hope you find a piece of yourself, or those you serve, in our stories.

Meet Team Astounding


Founder & Principal Auctioneer


Benefit Auctioneer


Ringman Lead


Ringman and Appeal Specialist


Philanthropy Facilitator


Philanthropy Facilitator



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