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Astounding Auctions and Fundraising Strategies is not your regular fundraising auctioneer. It is a disruptor in space and an excelling one. With its founder named a winner at the 
2021 Austin Woman’s Way Business Awards, the services of Astounding Auctions involve that of a fundraising auctioneer, fundraising strategist, and emcee. 

The Vision
Astounding Auctions runs on the principles of purpose, philanthropy, and possibilities. The background of the team, from which the guiding philosophy also stems, is a diverse mix of service, volunteerism, and philanthropy. This mix makes Astounding Auctions stand out from its competitors. Their service is end to end, beginning from day zero of planning through the event date. Being compassionate is also a big part of Astounding Auctions’ existence. It often goes above and beyond its defined contours to help its clients in exceeding their goals. 

As far it comes to planning and devising a strategy, Astounding Auctions understands how crucial it is to showcase the right potential to successfully raise funds. The development of the strategies is detailed, step-by-step, and targeted at finding the right type of solution for the problem. 

What fuels Astounding Auction’s confidence in devising strategies is its data repository. While working for years on diverse fundraising projects, it has gathered a large volume of data. This data negates the scope of guesswork and instills feasibility. 

The Services 
Astounding Auction’s services reach every nook and corner of your event. As a fundraising auctioneer, it keeps you tension-free throughout the day. It makes sure that the venue is well prepared to receive the guests, tables are laid out and decorated well, audio-visual set-up is performing top-notch. It does not even miss to ensure that the PowerPoint is queued correctly. It keeps the silent and live auction tables bid ready while handling the registration and check-out smoothly. 

Throughout the process, it keeps the chords of the events tuned at the right note. It makes sure that the donations are happening properly, guests are getting their items, and the check-out is smooth and satisfying. 

The Team
TiWanna, the founder of Astounding Auctions, is an army veteran. She has proudly built a team that is female-led, black-owned. It is an outstanding achievement in the auction industry, which has a female representation of only 12%. Less than 1% of the auctioneers are from under-represented ethnic groups. Standing tall in the industry, the firm has raised more than $10 million for non-profits already. 

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